Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breaking: Hezbollah Rockets Hit Haifa, Israel

Breaking News: Hezbollah Rockets hit Haifa, Israel....Dozens injured. Experts believe and are saying.... this may have been Long or medium-range Missiles instead of rockets or katyushas. Hezbollah showing that they can reach deep into Israel.....The death toll is expected to rise.

To see the video of the firing rockets or the missiles from Tyre, unbelievable and the experts are saying they believe this is connected. So least 1 dead, 30 injured.

Fox News reporting: Haifa, Israel's Third Largest City, Hit by Heaviest Hezbollah Attack Thus Far
JERUSALEM — A barrage of Hezbollah rockets rained on the port city of Haifa city Sunday, injuring dozens of people, in the heaviest attack on Israel's third largest city since fighting with the Lebanese-based militia began nearly four weeks ago.
News reports said one person was killed, and emergency services said more than 30 people were injured. They were being sent to several hospitals, an indication that the casualty toll would be high.

*UPDATE* AP reporting: Three people were killed (2:11 p.m. est)
Now I am hearing that at least 100 people are hurt and injured.

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