Sunday, August 06, 2006

Overloaded and Where to Start

Oh Lord, where to start...... when so much is happening in our world. I sit in awe to the moment to moment breaking news both nationally and globally. If you are not awake yet or paying attention to the contagious plague of evil and what is happening against Israel.......God Be with you.

We must continue to support and pray for Israel.....and open our eyes.... to the gathering of evil forces against us, both Christians and Jews. They wish to kill us all, don't be fooled. This is no longer just a War on is a War against Militant Islamics. It is simple, all of this is between Good and Evil. In the streets from around the world, we are watching hate-filled Islamics showing their anger, hatred, and their desire to destroy and kill us. Are you beginning to feel as if you are in the minority?

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