Thursday, August 03, 2006

Qana Casualties 28 instead of 52

How much more deception will be revealed? Now, bit and pieces of the real truth is being reported. What keeps puzzling me is how Hezbollah was able to orchestrate thousands to protest outside the U.N. building so quickly after the air strike and as we know there were no young men found among the casualties. Sounds fishy to me…..These terrorist guerillas are ruthless and are recruiting by the hour.

Via Haaretz: Lebanese hospital: Number of casualties from Qana air strike is 28, not 52
A Tyre hospital on Thursday revised the number of casualties resulting from Israel's air strike on the south Lebanese village of Qana from 52 down to 28.

On Wednesday, Human Rights Watch questioned the death toll in the Qana attack. The international group listed the names of 28 known dead from the attack and said that 13 others were missing and might still be buried under the rubble. The discrepancy was attributed to an assumption that only nine of the people who took shelter in the basement of the building survived, but it emerged that at least 22 escaped, the group said. [read more]

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