Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Huge VICTORY for the Children-The Child Safety Act

U.S. White House Fact Sheet:
Today, President Bush Signed The Adam Walsh Child Protection And Safety Act Of 2006. This law marks an important step forward in our Nation's efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It will strengthen Federal laws to protect our children from sexual and other violent crimes, prevent child pornography, and make the Internet safer for our sons and daughters.
The White House - President Bush's Press Release and transcript.

In Washington, D.C. today, President Bush signed a long awaited bill to be a new law, in the rose garden. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

Via Fox News: Bush Signs Bill to Keep Tabs on Convicted Child Molesters
WASHINGTON — President Bush, joined by "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh, signed a new law Thursday that requires convicted child molesters to be listed on a national Internet database and face a felony charge for failing to update their whereabouts.
"Our nation grieves with every family that's suffered the unbearable pain of a child whose been abducted or abused," Bush said in a bill-signing ceremony in the Rose Garden. "This law takes an important step forward in this country's efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves."

As I watched the ceremony today, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. There are several of us bloggers that joined in on this fight the last year....and it has been a long road, but nothing compared to the victims' families and friends. This day is a day to rejoice, because from now on with these extremely tough, stern laws, these creeps will hopefully think twice before committing crimes against children.

Twenty-five years to the day, John Walsh and his wife had their precious son, Adam taken from them by abduction then thereafter murdered. There are two ways to look at this victory for how long it took to get this bill signed into law. Twenty-five years the Walshs' have been fighting for tougher laws or two years that it has taken to pass the Senate. So many people have supported this bill from both aisles, with some strong arm twisting of Senator Ted Kennedy finally.....I mean finally it was passed and SIGNED into LAW. (tons of information on this in my archives) This past year, many of us have encouraged our readers to write, call, and continue to send messages to Capital Hill to pass tougher laws to protect our children including the Jessica Lunsford Law.

This is a huge victory for our most vulnerable, our nation's innocent children, that depend on adults to protect them. Now, thanks to all involved, this tough new law, signed by our President will help protect our children from sex offenders. Hooray for the Children!!!

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