Wednesday, July 26, 2006

God is on Israel's Side

Without a single doubt in my mind, God is on Israel's side. I speak of the only God, our creator, our Lord in heaven...... not some fake illusion of Allah. My prayers are with the country of Israel, their people and soldiers as they fight these evil terrorists that wish to wipe them off the map. It is not going to happen!!

As we watch this unfold, Israel will prevail. The fighting continues....
Via Breitbart-AP reports: Israel Wants to Set Hezbollah-Free Zone
Israel wants to establish a strip of little more than a mile wide in south Lebanon that will be free of Hezbollah guerrillas, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday _ giving the dimensions of Israel's new "security zone" for the first time.

Olmert outlined the plans in a closed-door meeting of parliament's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, according to participants who later briefed reporters.

I find it strange (not really though) that RUSSIA is eager to go into this FREE ZONE!!! Think about it!! Tidbit: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez immediate plans are to visit Russia for arms deal and then will visit Iran. Pictured below in previous post....Chavez with Cuba's Castro.

Today is the most deadly day so far.....David Lee Miller reporting for Fox News on the Israeli border.

Via Breitbart-AP reports: 14 Israeli Troops Killed by Hezbollah
Hezbollah inflicted heavy casualties on Israeli troops as they battled for a key hilltop town in southern Lebanon for a fourth day Wednesday, with as many as 14 soldiers reported killed.

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