Saturday, July 22, 2006

Television Towers in Lebanon targeted by Israeli Jets

About Time! Last week I mentioned that they should knock out some of that terrorist propaganda being televised.

Via Fox News: Israeli Jets Strike Television Towers in Lebanon
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Israeli warplanes hit TV transmission towers on Saturday in Lebanon, knocking the nation's leading private network off the air and cutting phone links to some regions.
Fighter-bombers fired missiles at transmission stations in the central and northern Lebanese mountains, leaving antennas burning on the ground.

Three missiles hit a transmission station at Fatqa in the Keserwan mountains, leaving antennas burning on the ground. Another airstrike crippled a transmission tower at Terbol in northern Lebanon, where relay stations for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., Future TV and Hezbollah's Al-Manar are located.

The three stations could no longer be seen in parts of the country although their satellite feed was unaffected. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. is the nation's leading private network. [read more]

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