Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Nation is Divided and that is Unfortunate

According to reports out of Israel that I have heard, the nation is united like 95% supporting their country and soldiers. Several nights now, I have truly given thought to Bill O’Reilly’s talking points about our nation being divided and the Global War on Terror.

On July 19th this is a quote from one of the talking points.

You have three camps in this country: The "Blow the Hell Out of Them" camp, the "It's All America's Fault" camp and the "I Don't Want to Hear About It" camp.
That to me pretty much sums it up on where people in America stand. Last night on 25th Bill O’Reilly put a reality to the bigger picture with Who's Winning World War III?

I'm very sorry to have to say it. But, just like Germany and Japan, were ahead in the early stages of World War II, the terrorists are winning in the early stages of World War III. That's because some people continue to deny such a war even exists.
It simply amazes me that Americans can get so worked up over John Kerry's Vietnam War posture, when the real issue is how the Senator and President Bush will deal with World War III. The economy's important but nothing compared to the danger that Islamic fascists pose to all of us.
Now some other pundits are in agreement with me. And how could you disagree? From Somalia to Indonesia to India to Sweden to Canada, Islamic fascists are on the attack. The violence in Israel is just another campaign in the worldwide jihad.
But here in the USA and around the world, we are not united against that jihad. The far-left media refuses to confront the truth, preferring to blame America for all the trouble. Just today, radical left New York Times columnist Bob Herbert blamed the current Middle East violence on President Bush.
Overseas, there is actual sympathy for the terrorists. In Belgium, demonstrators this weekend called for the "Israeli aggression to stop." In the United Kingdom, anti-Israel protests were held in 11 cities. The Muslim Association of Britain organized some of these demonstrations. In London thousands of pro-Hezbollah people gathered in Hyde Park. In France and in Iran, the picture was similar. Thousands of folks protesting against Israel.
Then back here at home.....

Back in the USA, most people are condemning the Hezbollah attacks and backing Israel, but certainly not all. The bottom line is that the world is not united against terrorism and because of that the terrorists are winning. The American left is united in opposing every anti-terror action the Bush administration has taken. And the media day after day pounds home, not the danger that Islamic fascism poses to us, but the danger the Bush administration poses. Again, no way terrorism can be defeated with that kind of division.
So like Hitler and Tojo, the terrorists have gotten off to a fast start in this World War. And unless the world wises up, the terror killers will achieve even more victories. Believe me, the Iranian leadership believes it's winning, as does Bin Laden.
The world is once again blind to real danger. And unless the world wises up, more mass murder is inevitable.
I know that this post is lengthy, but why do some not get it? These terrorists' goal is to kill us, no if or buts about it. They are here in the U.S. and throughout the world....sitting patiently to attack. In the near future I plan to write a post on what if we were having to run to a bomb shelter with sirens going off repeatedly? Do you not think that this could be a reality in the U.S.? Well, perhaps you should think again. If our power structure goes down by suitcase bombs or other methods of crippling our country, you had better be prepared....it may be closer than you may think. Watch a video of a be-heading if you do not believe how evil these terrorists are.

Be sure to watch Neil Cavuto with Your World (on Fox News) today discuss Venezuela's Chavez visit planned for Iran. Check out my recent post Beware of the World around You and see how these madmen are surrounding us and joining forces with Iran.

Just a note: I have been wondering why liberal trolls have been lurking on this site, Bill O'Reilly explained that with one of the previous talking points.

There are some Americans who see Israel as a villain, just as there are some who believe the USA has brought the War on Terror on itself. That kind of thinking is important to understand so it can be defeated in debate.
As we mentioned, the committed left-wing newspapers in America have been largely silent about the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict, largely for economic reasons. Many American Jews are liberal. Many of them love The New York Times, for example. The Times cannot afford to alienate its liberal base.
"Liberal Base".....that is the key words....they are being unusually silent on Bashing Bush so they are on the troll for anything they can attack with a little post here and there that exposes the left.

Check out how Hot Air points out CNN admitting to Airing Hezbollah Propaganda. CNN should be exposed just like the NY Times and walk the line with their viewers; neither one can afford to lose what few they have left.

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