Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Voting has Started for the Blogs of Summer

Blogs of Summer by Bloggin'Outloud

Bloggin'Outloud is hosting Blogs of Summer!! Lyn wrote me with a sweet note informing me that Assorted Babble was a Finalist in the Category of Milblogs and Military Support. WOW!!! I want to thank the ones that nominated me, Lyn said there were more than one that did.

Thank You...Big Time. (smiling) Not only was I surprised when Little Miss Chatterbox wrote me and then today she posted on the Voting with instructions and links. Congrats to The Chatterbox Chronicles and Little Orange Fox-Outlaw Republican for being finalists in the Political Blog Category.

I truly appreciate and want to thank other blogger friends that have written and said they voted for me. You guys are great!! Voting is going on now, (June 24-27th) and I would very much appreciate my friends, fellow bloggers, and readers to click over and read about each Category...and vote for me if you would like to. Please visit all the other blogs listed too.....they are great sites..... that have a great deal of hard work put into each of their posts.

FINALISTS for Political Blogs:
To Vote for The Chatterbox Chronicles or Little Orange Fox-Outlaw Republican please click here and vote in left side bar.

FINALIST for Milblogs and Military Support
To vote for me, Assorted Babble please click here at Able Baker Charlie Delta. (left side bar) I'm in 4th place right now with 3 votes and the leader is at 14, so if you have the time....please visit and vote. I believe you can cast one vote per day.

This is really fun and you guys are awesome!!! I will leave you with a handsome picture that my daughter and I found for her class project of her wanting to feature good stories from Iraq.

My family and I know most all of you....pray, love and support our troops. May God be with them. Pictured above our U.S. Troops in Iraq.

A very touching post by Euphoric Reality - A Marine’s Letter to His Senator. I recommend all to go visit and read it.

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