Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chavez in Russia then off to Iran

Yesterday I posted about Venezuela's Hugo Chavez's plans to buy weapons from Russia and then off to visit his idol, Iranian's Prez. Well, Chavez is smiling right now with Putin over arms sales totaling 3 Billion dollars spite the U.S. officials hoping to influence Putin against this weapon sale involving the arms blockade.

Via Reuters: Russia's arms sales to Venezuela may total $3 billion
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may sign arms deals worth $3 billion when he meets Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the end of his visit to Russia.

Chavez, a vociferous critic of Washington, has praised Russia for defying a U.S. arms blockade and had been expected to spend $1 billion on fighter aircraft for oil-rich Venezuela.

"The biggest threat which exists in the world is the empire of the United States," Chavez said while unveiling a bust of 19th century South American liberation hero Simon Bolivar at a Moscow library.

"It is a senseless, blind, stupid giant which doesn't understand the world, doesn't understand human rights, doesn't understand anything about humanity, culture and consciousness."

On top of an expected deal to buy at least 24 Russian Sukhoi-30 jets to replace Venezuela's U.S. F-16s, Chavez will buy helicopters, surface-to-air missiles and possibly even a submarine, Vedomosti said, citing Russian defense sources.

The Vedomosti business daily, quoting Sergei Chemezov, head of Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport, reported that Venezuela, the world's No.5 oil exporter, would sign deals worth $3 billion.
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Washington has banned U.S. arms manufacturers from selling to Chavez. The United States says the populist leader, who proclaims socialist ideals to unite South America against U.S. influence, is destabilizing the region.

U.S. officials said they hoped to talk Russia out of the arms deals. Senior Kremlin officials say they see no reason to take advice from the United States.

Another excerpt:
Chavez is on a world tour that has included meetings with U.S. foes such as Fidel Castro and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. He will also visit Iran.
Via Moscow News: Russia Backs Venezuela’s Bid for UN Seat, Ready to Invest Billions — Putin

Previous Post on Putin and Ahmadinejah chat.

Via Moscow News: Putin Discusses Middle East Crisis With Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Excerpt from previous post:
I find it strange (not really though) that RUSSIA is eager to go into this FREE ZONE!!! Think about it!! Tidbit: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez immediate plans are to visit Russia for arms deal and then will visit Iran. Pictured below in previous post "Beware of the World around You" of Chavez with Cuba's Castro.

Excerpt from Joel C. Rosenberg's post PUTIN TO SIGN $1 BILLION ARMS DEAL WITH U.S. ENEMY: Turkey may send troops to Lebanon
FIRST: Russian leader Vladimir Putin continues systematically to build an anti-American coalition. First it was a $1 billion arms deal with Iran last fall. Then missile sales to Syria. Then arms sales to Hamas. And now a $1 billion arms sales to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, a man itching for a confrontation with the U.S.
Also read about Joel's interview with CNN about the End Times.

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