Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Word Trickles out of Cuba

Yesterday, a statement read on Cuban state television said... Castro says he is stable after surgery. Then today the Cuban government tries to assure the citizens that Castro is in good spirits, his health stable, and the island defense is secure. However, no one has seen or heard directly from Castro or younger bro Raul. Reports are they are out of sight and silent.

Via AP: Cuba tries to reassure its citizens
Excerpt-The focus of state media remained solely on Fidel. "Fidel, Get Well," read a front-page headline in the Communist Party daily, Granma. "The Revolution Will Continue While Fidel Recovers," proclaimed Juventud Rebelde, the Communist youth newspaper.

Tuesday, I was out of pocket and did not get all the reports locally and nationally, but last night the celebration parties continued by Cuban Americans in the streets of south Florida and they expect them to go on throughout the weekend. All have been peaceful and it is definitely a happy historical time for families that have been waiting for this day for almost a half a century.

We have a law in Florida that if Cubans make it to our shores and have one foot on dry ground (called Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy) they get a chance to remain in the U.S., after going through detention, however if the U.S. Coast Guard picks them up at sea or just off shore, then they are returned. This is completely different than, what is going on involving our borders with Mexico and Canada. I am adamantly against ones entering our country illegally as you all know and this may sound hypocritical but I feel that with Cuba it is different.

I am supportive of people legally becoming citizens going through the U.S. law requirements and proper channels before entering the U.S. With Cuba, we have a legal way for them to enter our country as described above. You have people that are so desperate to leave a dictator/communist country that they risk their lives at sea on rafts, homemade floatation devices and converted vehicles, etc. that they can escape with. When they leave Cuba, they know that they may die in the ocean and if caught and returned, they may face death or prison when sent back. If I am not mistaken, our country offers asylum to ones under special circumstances involving someone facing torture or death if returned to their native country.

Our local media and print have many sources in Cuba.

Via CBS4: Castro: Condition A Matter Of State Security
(CBS4 News) HAVANA Despite speculation that Fidel Castro is disabled, or even dead, the Cuban government went to great lengths to show that Castro is still alive and communicating with Cuba’s people, with a cryptic statement which allegedly came directly from Castro.

*UPDATE* Special Cuba Coverage click here.

*UPDATE* White House urges Cubans and exiles to stay put - reported by Reuters.

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