Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stocked Up in Case of a Hurricane

It is looking as if we may have Tropical Storm Chris, soon to be Hurricane Chris headed our way, here in south Florida. With advanced projections based on 2-3 days, the cone of uncertainty, have us directly in the center of the path. Usually the experts are right on target for where the low pressure will be along with the jet stream figured in within this time frame. Hurricanes do not go into high pressure, they actually move to the center of the lowest pressure, but the HP does play a factor in which way they go or if they stop/stall in place along with shifting.

The National Hurricane Center expects T.S. Chris to form into a hurricane within hours and have issued watches and warnings in the Caribbean. By the weekend, south Florida should be feeling Chris..... to some degree as it moves by with strengthening in our very warm water if Chris stays on this same course. It will probably bring clouds, rain and some wind; we are hoping that is all that it will involve, but it is still a little early to tell. The seriousness of this, is mainly which direction it will take - through the FL Straits entering the Gulf of Mexico or up the east coast. Right now, chances are Chris will stay on the same course, the weather conditions are favorable for that prediction. The best scenario would be to go over the mountains of Cuba to break it up or weaken Chris. All eyes now are on what Chris is going to do. More to come....later.

Sorry you guys for not being around much, I have had my platter full lately and away from the computer except for a brief moment here and there. Oh yeah, don't worry about us here, we stay stocked up and ready for hurricanes, especially since I have lived through them my entire life. (smiling) We know the drill....

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