Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hezbollah is Miscreant - A Vile Wretch Villain

So why are they gathering supporters so quickly? Who is orchestrating these demon-strations, especially 5000+ angry-hate-filled protesters immediately within moments after Qana at the U.N. Building in Beirut last Sunday. These brainwashed followers worship a fake God and want to kill; like blood thirsty hatred. You can see the people's faces, no soul, feelings, empty shells and their mouths look like fangs. THEY HATE ISRAEL AND THE U.S. more than they LOVE THEIR OWN CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND/OR LIFE.

The warriors of Hezbollah, Party of God, are serious men fighting a serious war, but what inspires them? Among guerrilla gangs, they are top of the class: obedient, clever, efficient, secretive -- and of course, willing to sacrifice themselves and their families. They are not afraid of death, nor do they show pity for neighbours killed when they hide military operations among women and children. Clearly, the Hezbollah warriors are driven by much more than salaries received from Iran. They hate Jews and, because they fear Sunni Muslims, they badly want to keep power in Shiite hands. But is that enough?...

cleric who interrupted his theological studies to rejoin Hezbollah in June, and who claims to be descended from the prophet Muhammad, says, "We had six years to prepare for this day."

Above all, they are patient. One of them recently told a reporter from Britain's Guardian how their leaders drilled them in serenity: "During our training we spend days in empty buildings without talking to anyone or doing anything. They tell me go and sit in that building, and I go and sit there and wait." In every mission, they follow detailed orders without question. When they send off a rocket, they expect an Israeli response within 15 minutes, so immediately their team breaks up, everyone running to an assigned hiding place. Later they re-form elsewhere, for their next launch.

The article goes on with a religious aspect and opinions of moderate Muslims, etc. An Excerpt: Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah....Muhammad Al-Huni, an eminent Libyan intellectual who lives in Italy, recently wrote that Nasrallah now assumes that he "enjoys the stature of the holy men and prophets." [read more]

The Nazi's roots of Hezbollah
Via Canada National Post: Hezbollah's Nazi roots (Across the Middle East, radical Islamists yearn for a new Holocaust)
This is the first Middle East war in which the main threat to Israel comes, not from secular Arab nationalism, but from Islamism.
Both Hezbollah and Hamas draw their main inspiration, armaments and funding from Islamist sources, ranging from the Sunni ideologues of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Shiite demagogues of Iran. What unites them all is a fanatical dedication to the destruction of Israel.
Sounding like a modern-day Hitler, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this week repeated his call for the "elimination" of Israel, home to six million Jews. Hezbollah, Iran's proxy army in Lebanon, shares that objective. Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has urged the world's Jews to collect in Israel in order to facilitate the task of exterminating them. [read more]

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