Thursday, August 17, 2006

W.Va Airport detects Explosive Residue?

Okay, this 28 yr old woman of Pakistani decent at the W.Va airport had liquid in her carry-on luggage that tested positive twice for explosive residue today. NOTE: According to the AP.

The woman had purchased a one-way ticket to Detroit by way of Charlotte on Wednesday, Salyers said.

This is small town America, the Tri-State Airport in West Virginia, terrorism is not only in large cities for ones that may not realize this. I just hope people stay diligent right now and know that there are people planning and plotting to kill us out there.

The woman was still at the airport late Thursday afternoon but was not under arrest, said FBI spokesman Jeff Killeen.

Media Outlets and News Agencies have gone WILD....WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?? This article from TV station WTRF in Ohio reports: Tests Negative on Potential Explosives at Tri-State Airport

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