Saturday, August 19, 2006

The French Twist

Who got suckered? If memory has it right, just prior to the cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah, the French flew to Iran for discussions. Was all this planned in advance? Of course it was!! France persuaded the U.S. and other nations to take a softer approach to a U.N. resolution involving 17 whatever over enforcing the original 1559. Stern talks coming from the French saying they were going to send all these troops in for peace keeping.

Now, France is saying that the resolution is not strong enough for them to send large numbers in, it is way too dangerous. What cowards.....but they were clever no doubt.

Saturday, French soldiers landed in Lebanon......
About 50 French troops _ military engineers _ were to prepare for the arrival of 200 more soldiers expected next week, said Cmdr. Bertrand Bonneau, a spokesman for the French contingent.
Oh and on the eve of the big day, August 22, 2006....Kofi Annan will be in Iran. Humm.....makes you wonder huh?

Did we ever really believe that we could trust France? NaDA!! NO!!!

Webloggin linked with U.N Disappointed by France!
Excerpt: Well lookey here; two peas in a pod are disappointed with one another! The United Nations is expressing disappointment with France's scaled back commitment while France is disappointed with some of the tenets of a resolution they helped draft.

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