Friday, August 18, 2006

Thousands of Dollars Passed out by Hezbollah

Hezbollah handed out crisp $100 bills to residents who lost their homes in the Israeli bombing campaign — $12,000 to each claimant. Source Fox News.

Since Hezbollah has plenty of money to rebuild, pay off their supporters (the Lebanese people and government), play the phony role as the Party of God, etc. JUST WHY are we giving a penny to their government? Yes, Lebanon belongs to Hezbollah...for ones that may not know. This really ticks me off for thousands of reasons or shall I say millions? name a few.... OUR MONEY will be used by Hezbollah owned Lebanon for more weapons, propganda purposes, and funding terrorists even more. U.S. dollars will only add to the bank accounts of the enemies that wish to kill the Israelis and Americans.

If you ask me, the 100 million a year that Iran sends to Hezbollah and the funneling of money through disaster relief funds that has been transfered to these terrorists is appalling. The corruption has barely touched the surface much less the U.N. involvement in all this. Surely people realize that our tax dollars are funding terrorists, not just in Lebanon but other Islamic countries too; even here at home at the gas pumps. The good nature of private citizens that donate and other civilized countries that throw cash at these corrupt nations....should have control over where the money is spent and know that it goes into the honest hands of the ones that truly need it.

I truly hope people can see what is really going on in Lebanon and the re-grouping of terrorists with more deadly weapons for the big showdown with Israel. Just is coming...that News Alert is not far off.

Especially keep your eye on the Islamic countries that are so eager to volunteer to be PEACE KEEPERS on the Lebanon and Israel border.
Oh and who is stupid enough to believe that the Lebanese Military is not Hezbollah??? Ding Dong is anyone home?

**UPDATE** H/T Memeorandum: Via BBC: Israel alarm at UN force members
— Israel says it would be "difficult if not inconceivable" to accept nations which do not recognise its right to exist as part of a UN force in Lebanon. — Israeli UN envoy Dan Gillerman was speaking after Indonesia and Malaysia, which do not recognise Israel, pledged troops for the UN deployment.

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