Friday, August 18, 2006

Linked Islamic Fundamentalism and Nazism

Islamic fundamentalism and Nazism are historically and intellectually linked explained in an article in the Jewish World Review.

Our enemies in the war on terror "Islamic fascists."
I'm going to paste the last paragraph of this "should be eye-opener article" for ones to give thought to written by Jonah Goldberg.
What is so frightening is how similar this is to the sounds from the Middle East today. Ahmadinejad — dismissed by "sophisticated" academics as a blowhard — calls the Holocaust a myth. Indeed, there is no Jewish conspiracy theory too outlandish in the Muslim world. Huge numbers of Muslims — even 45 percent of British Muslims — believe that the Jews were behind 9/11. Theories that the Mossad is behind every bad headline, from the Indonesian tsunami to bad soccer performances, are common on the Arab street. According to Herf, this is only the second time the world has seen this sort of radical anti-Semitic paranoia. And, again, too many in the unspotless West are saying, "they can't be serious."
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