Sunday, August 20, 2006

John Karr's Money Trail or Funds

Where the heck is this freak getting his money from? It almost reminds me of killer Joseph Duncan III and his wierdo friends funding him. Between Karr's sporadic teaching ( strike teaching, seeking out children to harm) jobs, where is he getting funds from to live on and travel the world? Aside from the circus today of his flight back to the U.S., having champagne, not handcuffed and sitting in business class.....Karr's telephone records while in Thailand revealed he was going to a doctor for a sex change. My curiosity around who is giving him money may lead us to bigger fish/pedos in the sex trade or smuggling of abused children and much, much more; this is based strictly on speculation.

After watching an interview earlier with a freelance journalist that states he met John Karr in Paris, I suddenly thought.... WHAT??? in Paris???? This sicko has definitely been around the globe....the more we learn about this creep, the more bizarre this story becomes. I said to myself that I was not going to post much on this, but after that interview, I must ask does anyone have any links or information on where John or Jane-to-be Karr is getting his money?

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