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John Karr's Life and Fiction in Ref to Ramsey Case

Okay.... on to the Freak Show John Mark Karr.....

Is this freaky pedo for real or does he have other motives for confessing to killing JonBenet Ramsey? One minute it leans towards a hoax and then the next, it could very well be possible he is the sicko that did it.

John Karr will be flying in business class on a plane back to the U.S. Sunday and may spend the night in L.A. before flying on to Co. Why not in a cage in the back of coach? Fox Reporter, William La Jeunesse had an exclusive interview today with Ann Hurst, Homeland Security Attache in Thailand about Karr's arrest and his reaction.

It has been uncovered....
He married two children years ago. One wife was 13, after a year, the marriage was annulled and then Lara Karr was 16, that he got pregnant so it would allow him legally to marry her in Ga.
Excerpt Fox News: Originally from Atlanta, Karr came to live with his grandparents in Hamilton around age 12. Records indicate he remained in town through the fall of 2000, when Lara Karr transferred her voter registration to California.
Lara Karr told KGO-TV in California that she and her former husband were in Alabama when JonBenet was killed. She said she does not believe he was involved in her death.
University of North Alabama spokesman, Bill Jarnigan said Karr was majoring in early childhood education in nursery through third grade. Also, Karr left UNA without graduating and the school did not recommend him "for licensure or certification" as a teacher, Jarnigan said.

In S.E. Asia it is like Disneyland for pedophiles, and guess what... that is where John Karr was tracked to.....Bangkok, Thailand at a $5.00 a day apartment building in a sex district. Actually he has been slithering around from one country to another both in S.E. Asia and South America.
The charges were brought under the U.S. Child Protect Act, adopted in 2003 to facilitate tracking sexual predators across international borders.
About 20 Americans alleged to have engaged in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places have been prosecuted under the law since 2003, according to U.S. authorities.
President Bush signed the Protect Act on April 30, 2003. Before the act took effect, prosecutors were required to prove that a person traveled to a foreign country with the intent of having illicit sex, but the new law requires prosecutors to show merely that the person engaged in or attempted to engage in such acts. Source Fox News.
John Karr's obsessions with JonBenet Ramsey and Polly Klass are beyond sick. Father, Marc Klaas was livid last night about this on The Factor. After a search of Polly killer's death row cell, no correspondence between Karr and Richard Allen Davis were found Thursday.

However, tons of emails have been exchanged between Karr and Michael Tracey, a professor in Colorado. I'll spare you the I love yous and calling out from the darkness, etc. This penpal relationship has been going on about four years. Karr feels for Michael Jackson, good grief...I guess now that gives us more insight to the LOVE/Sick twisted mind. We have another Peter Pan on our hands. Are we going to have another dangerous pedo loose in our society, after some nutty jury says not guilty?

We wonder if the D.A. Mary Lacy truly has some concrete evidence supporting this arrest. DNA? Perhaps it has something to do with details Karr gave about the condition of little Jon Benet's body and then there is the teddy bear. The photo that has been aired on the news, shows a teddy bear on JonBenet's bed, that no one knew where it came from, dressed in Santa clothes. What I heard (no supporting link here), Karr transmitted an email picture of himself with this teddy bear from earlier years of his life. Then we have the ransom note signed SBTC, could that mean SHALL BE THE CONQUERER written by Karr in a yearbook? I have this picture, I snagged the other day, a psychic drawing of what the killer is suppose to look like and it is a mirror reflection of Karr. I may upload that black and white photo later.

Now several states, including Alabama and Ark are interested in Karr in reference to old cold cases involving missing and killed children. Humm.....Karr is beginning to sound more and more like Duncan....a stalker. One thing is for sure, this guy is creepy and there is no telling how many children he has hurt. He may or may not be JonBenet's killer, but he is definitely guilty of being a sick pervert that is dangerous to society and shall never be loose again to roam around.

So what do you guys think????.....or what side are you leaning this an elaborate plan to get a trip out of Thailand with this confession or do you think that he actually commited this crime? One thing is a definite....Karr is loving the attention of the media frenzy.

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