Monday, July 10, 2006

The Dirty Little Secrets of Nuclear Weapons

On my Friday's post the Connections between the Axis of Evil has been updated. A huge thanks to Gateway Pundit for bringing attention to this post. More information to come.

Updated: With time-stamp and I hope to break down certain countries with connections.

Keep in mind President Bush is headed to the G-8 Summit in Russia scheduled Thursday, his first stop is in Germany. Russia's special forces takes the spotlight this morning for the killing of Chechen war lord Shamil Basayev and several of his rebels. Putin was informed by the State Security Chief. Basyev claimed responsibility for the horrifying 2004 Beslan school attack that killed 331 people and half of them were children. This terrorist was also connected to the siege of a Moscow theater 2002. This does not change my suspicions about Vladimir Putin and the secret involvements behind the scenes for several years now nor his connections to terrorists.

Is Vladimir Putin reverting back to his roots as a KGB leader and communist? More on Iran, North Korea, Al-Qaeda, S.E. Asia, Middle East, Palestinian, Hamas, Syria, Russia, China, and Islamic Countries. Who is your neighbor? Can you identify a terrorist? This war does not have one country nor uniforms. (check out updates on the above link and this post will be updated.)

Based on the Confessions by the Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Bomb, that would be the Abdul Qadeer Khan, in case you are not familiar with this man along with other Russian scientists that made nuclear weapons during the Cold War. After the fall of the USSR, these scientists went to help Iran achieve its dreams of developing nuclear weapons. Keep in mind Russia's Putin was in leadership during this period of time that Mr. Khan was in the Soviet Union.

In the fall of 2004, former PM of Israel (Netanyahu) shared intelligence reports with photographic proof to U.S. Intel comm and had previous shared these shocking revelations with the skeptical Clinton Administration. In Feb 3, 2004 Daily Telegraph of London, England reported the Qadeer Khan had sold Nuclear Secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea. According to the confessions within the eleven pages a quote stated “he had provided the secrets to other Muslim countries….so they could become nuclear powers and strengthen the Islamic world.

Officials said Mr. Khan first began to transfer designs, drawings, and components for gas centrifuges to Iran between 1989 and 1991. There is clear evidence that Iran has been seeking to develop nuclear weapons for 20 years.

Through out the 1990’s, Khan made several trips to North Korea.
The U.S. Intel Comm has been informed that Iran’s capabilities with a nuclear weapon can reach Jerusalem, N.Y. City, and London and with N. Korea, we now know they can develop missiles to reach the U.S as far Chicago. So if you are on the east or west coast and if suitcase nuclear bombs are used, America’s soil is not safe from being attacked anywhere within our borders.

North Korea:

The Captain's Quarters is reporting on Russia and connections. As I update several things in this post, he publishes many thoughts that are already in my notes.

NOTE: I will just have to come back to this later on......unable to blog at this time. Sorry for the delay in completing this post and not visiting other blogs. Please accept my apology. Suzie

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