Monday, July 10, 2006

NYC BLDGs Collapse - Breaking Now

Evacuations are underway after three New York City building collapsed. Breaking now and live on Fox News.

The White House says that it is NOT TERROR RELATED. It appears to be a gas explosion that caused the fires. So far several are injured and firefighters are working hard to get the situation under control.

'A Deafening Boom' reports Fox News - Three-story building on Manhattan's East Side falls after what witnesses call a thunderous explosion.

NYC Upper East Side Building Collapses After Explosion, Fire

Via Fox News: NEW YORK — A three-story building housing a doctor's office just off Madison Avenue collapsed and burned Monday after what witnesses said was a thunderous explosion that rocked the neighborhood.

The cause was not immediately known, though White House press secretary Tony Snow said there was no indication of terrorism.

At least two people were under evaluation at a hospital after the collapse. It wasn't immediately clear if anyone was still trapped inside the building, on 62nd street between Madison and Park Avenues on Manhattan's East Side.[read more]
The number of injured is rising.

UPDATE: It appears that this explosion was caused by an apparent suicide attempt by Dr. Nicholas Bartha.
Don't tell me, that 7 wanna-bee terrorists, as some call them, from Miami could not have blown up a building or more if they were not stopped.

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