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Connections between the “Axis of Evil”

As we know, North Korea is in the spotlight with more missiles sitting on their launch pads fueled and ready to be fired; up to 3 or 4 and Lord knows how many more. Russia and China are uncooperative in being in concert with the international countries wanting to resolve this problem sternly. We found out last night, at least one missile was aimed at Hawaii. Then the exposed - corrupt U.N. talks, discussions whatever you wish to call them are going no where.

At this same time, Israel is doing what is right and not negotiating with terrorists as they move forward to have their young kidnapped soldier released. Meanwhile Iran, is refusing the deadline set and being unusually idle and mute other than his normal recruiting of new allies, at an astonishing rate. * UPDATE* jpost reporting:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Friday that continued Israeli strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip could lead to an "explosion" in the Islamic world that would target Israel and its supporters in the West.
Just this year, viewing back over my archives and exposing a few of my spiritual beliefs, I believe that Russia is the one pulling all the strings to be the next world's super power along with E.U. gaining power for replacing the U.N.

During this time of unrest in the world, we have new released tapes almost on a weekly basis now from Al-Qaeda, it is strange in some ways that makes you wonder if all this has to do with numbers and secret messages. Do you remember how it has been revealed where certain attacks where based on dates with numbers, days between attacks, and now with each tape it makes you give thought... if that holds meaning.

Okay, where do I start; Power, Nuclear Weapons, Islam, and/or Oil? In January according to Moscow News, they report on several articles, one it is not profitable for Russia to impose sanctions on Iran and this may be the case with North Korea also. Iran and Russia have very close ties and common goals. At the beginning of the year, Russia sold Iran nearly $1 billion dollars worth of weapons and offered to allow Iran to enrich at Russia’s power plants which later Iran rejected and wanted to do that in their own country. Another added huge interest between the two is the Caspian Sea, the benefits of this area can be gained by either side. Syria plays an additional role in all this, both Russia and Syria have more advanced weapons to offer to Iran. Back to Syria, they are smack in the middle of this war supporting Hamas along with Iran supplying Hamas against Israel. In Feb 2006, Iran's President visiting Hamas leader on Feb 20, 2006 jpost reports: [Another Hamas PLC member from Gaza, Dr. Atef Adwan, told The Post that accepting Iranian money would make "Hamas a tool of [Iran's] policy and this is not good for Hamas and not good for the region." ]

Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Jan. 21 – Hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told senior leaders of a radical Palestinian group in Damascus on Friday that the Middle East conflict has become “the locus of the final war” between Muslims and the West, Iran’s official news agency, IRNA, reported. [click here]
I could really go off on Russia, they have suspicious ties to sabotaging last winter by cutting heating power off by explosions of pipelines to neighboring Georgia and Armenia. The fingerprints of Russia was all over this. Add in the corrupt voting, which later was overturned along with the poisoning of Ukraine’s P.M. Viktor Yanukovich, accusations where made that Russia was behind all this. Don’t forget the when our President visited Georgia (west-leaning country) and not far from the stage a grenade did not go off. Russia’s Pres. Putin is seeking a new law to allow him to serve a third term and for almost year Putin has silenced and censored the press in Russia.

China has similar interests, because it buys oil from Iran. Just recently China signed a deal with Cuba to drill off their shores for oil (a few miles from our country) and we know that the dictator Castro is buddies with Iran and all the other axis of evil. Let us add in Venezuela and Bolovia....Iran's allies are adding up closer and closer to home.

In the fall of 2004, former prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel's 9th Prime Minister, 1996-1999) candidly admitted during his administration that the U.S. Intel committee had been informed on Iran’s medium and long-range nuclear missiles that would be capable of hitting London, New York City, and Jerusalem. My post continues about the confessions by Abdul Qadeer Khan as mentioned before and below the Father of Pakistan's Atomic Bomb.

It goes on to say if the sophisticated delivery system cannot be developed by Iran for long-range nuclear missiles, they and other rogue terrorist states certainly will have the capability of producing a dirty nuclear bomb delivered in a suitcase. Click here for info on suitcase bombs and using EMP along with Iran sharing with nukes with other countries. If you do not read any other link, be sure to read this one and this link to information about Islam.

Iran’s Pres. M. Ahmadinejad has boldly announced to the world via Fox News that he intends to share Iran’s nuclear power to ALL ISLAMIC NATIONS.

Feb 3, 2004 Daily Telegraph of London, England Headline:Confession by the Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Bomb: “I’ve Sold Nuclear Secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea”

I am going to wrap this up for now, but there are tons of information and connections with N.Korea, Iran, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, etc. What is really weird right now is I wonder if with N.Korea threatening and launching missiles and Hamas took on Israel with the kidnapping....if all this is not a diversion for Iran with giving them just enough time to finish the The Six-Step Procedure for Making a NUCLEAR BOMB.

An Extra note added: (from a recent post -Personal Info about Kim Jong Il N.Korea's leader)
One 2003 account by Russian official Konstantin Pulikovsky -- who accompanied Kim on a train journey across Russia -- described how live lobsters and roasted donkey -- reportedly the North Korean leader's favorite food -- were flown out to supply the train each day.

*UPDATE* Sunday July 9, 2006 Gateway Pundit linked to this post and has new updates on Iran.
Thank you Jim, at Gateway Pundit, as always for your recognition of my post and research along with linking to me occasionally, it is very much appreciated. I am determined to expose Iran and the evil regimes that are our enemies. There are connections between the axis of evil and ongoing threats from Al-Qaeda.....we must continue to keep our eye on these radicals that want to kill us, connect the dots, and continue to fight this War on Terror or as the terrorists refer to it as the Jihad (Holy War).

Just a thought....Is Russia reverting back to a communist country such as the former USSR and has China sold its soul to the enemies of the West? President Vladimir Putin is not our friend..... just look at his past from the KGB to what control he has now and his goals for the future. As my bible refers to....Russia is the bear, the north....actually Moscow is due north of... Jerusalem which is the center of our universe. An article of interest KGB Back at Power .....Don't forget the confessions by Abdul Qadeer Khan - "Father of Pakistan's Atomic Bomb", who worked for the USSR.
Another Source: April 2004 - Al Qaeda's nuclear quest has also refocused attention on the hundreds of tonnes of nuclear bomb material kept in insecure facilities in the former Soviet Union, mainly Russia.
Another Excerpt: But throughout the 1990s, Khan also made several trips to North Korea — trips that would have required Pakistani government approval. During those years, Pakistan obtained intermediate-range ballistic missiles from North Korea, likely in exchange for nuclear technology.

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