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Leading to Showdown with Iran

Below are excerpts, my prevous posts, some research and thoughts I have on Iran. America needs to wake up and realize we are in the final stages of a showdown with Iran, it is only a matter of time-- with not much of it left. Firstly, WND reports what we already know about Iran sharing weapons with terrorists. Following that excerpt, you will see the six-step procedure for making a Nuclear Bomb.

From World Net Daily :
MI6, Britain's secret intelligence service, has identified six Pakistani scientists working in Iran's nuclear bomb program who have been "advising al-Qaida on how to weaponize fissionable materials it has now obtained."
MI6 and the International Atomic Energy Agency believe the scientists have played a major role in enabling Iran to be "well advanced in providing uranium enriched materials for nuclear bombs," said Alexander Cirilovic, a nuclear terrorism expert in Paris.
Both high-level MI6 and CIA sources have confirmed the scientists would only have been allowed to assist al-Qaida with the authority of Iran's unpredictable President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The revelation comes at a time when Washington has increased pressure on Tehran to give up its nuclear weapons program.
The scientists worked for Dr. A.Q. Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who is now under house arrest in Pakistan after confessing he had provided both Iran and North Korea with details of how to make their own nuclear bombs. Full Story-click here

Excerpt from Jerusalem Countdown: a Warning to the World (book)

The Six-Step Procedure for Making a NUCLEAR BOMB
Uranium, once enriched, can form the core of a nuclear bomb. But enriching it requires hard-to-acquire technology--and time. The equipment that Mr. Khan, the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb, peddled included centrifuges, which are critical to enrichment. Here's how the process works:
1. Dig it--Uranium ore is mined, milled, and soaked with sulfuric acid, leaching out pure uranium.
2. Crunch it--Uranium is dried and filtered into a course powder called yellowcake.
3. Bake it--The yellowcake is exposed to fluorine gas and heated to 133 F (56 C), converting it into a gas, uranium hexafluoride.
4. Spin it--The gas is pumped into a centrifuge that spins at the speed of sound. As it spins, the heavier U-238 moves toward the outside while the lighter, highly fissionable isotape U-235 collects closer to the center.
5. Spin it again-The slightly enriched U-235 is fed into another centrifuge, where it is enriched further. It moves down a train of some 1,500 centrifuges. Once it is 20 percent pure, the uranium is considered highly enriched. Only at more than 90% purity--which takes about a year--is it weapons grade.
6. Squeeze it-The enrichment uranium is converted into a metal powder, uranium oxide, which can be molded into a sphere weighing 35 to 100 pounds (16 to 46 kg) and placed in a weapon.

In an article posted on the National Review Online on June 27, 2005, best selling author Joel C. Rosenberg (on my sidebar) stated: "I just returned to Washington from two weeks in Israel and Jordan where I met with a number of high-level political, military, and intelligence officials. Across the board, they predicted Iran will reach the 'point of no return' by the beginning of next year. That is, by Jan 2006--if not before--Iran will finally have the technology, the know-how, and the trained nuclear scientists needed to produce highly enriched uranium."

(Jerusalem Countdown) sources in Israel support this info. They tell him (Apr 05) that Iran is in stage 5 and can have a bomb ready in twelve to eighteen months. That would make Iran's nuclear weapons ready by Apr 2006 unless international diplomacy prevails.

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Sunday, Iran Threatens to Withdraw From Nuclear Treaty , we hear from Bin Laden again, and the U.N. Security Council met in a rare private meeting on a SATURDAY. Today, Pres Ahmadinejad sends a letter to President Bush proposing "new solutions" to their differences. It is the first time that an Iranian president has written to his U.S. counterpart since 1979 , that is 27 years between an Iranian head of state to an American president.

In my opinion, Iran is posing as an imminent danger to the U.S. and Israel and if not stopped immediately our national security could be at risk. At the same time we are dealing with Iran, we should not take our eye off Russia. According to my beliefs, Russia is the one encouraging Iran behind the scenes and has full intentions on becoming the next super power. With so much time lost already, it has been a chess game of stalling maneuvers--no matter what lies come from the mouth of these evil people. I feel we need to keep in mind, Iran is gathering allies throughout the world at a remarkable rate. The President of Iran has been meeting with countries regularly including the obvious ones from the Middle East but also S.E. Asia, N. Korea, Indonesia -- don't forget his friends in Central and South America; basically, look at all the Islamic countries. Chapter 7 is only going to spark more threats, and meanwhile as time ticks Iran has managed to set up with Hamas just yards away from Israel and Lord knows if he has Cuba or Venezuela set-up off our coast for close range. This summary is based on my thoughts and views of what is happening.
Another Iranian intelligence source tells NewsMax that Iran plans suicide strikes in the United States, and may seek to hold mass numbers of Americans hostage. Newsmax-Iran Prepares ‘Judgment Day’ Attack Plan
Vice Premier Shimon Peres said Monday in an interview to Reuters that "the president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map," Army Radio reported. Jerusalem Post-Today

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