Monday, March 06, 2006

Source: Iran Reports

Straight from the Horse's Mouth the following....articles from Iran Focus:

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 05 – Iran will host a conference on the Holocaust in Tehran on Tuesday, the state-run news agency Mehr reported on Sunday. Full Story Including a link to an international cartoon contest site. Please I must include a Warning this is more than disturbing and outragous. Iran Cartoons dot com

Iran Focus reports Washington Times
Almost a century and a half ago, on hearing of the clash between the Monitor and the Merrimac, the American historian Henry Adams warned, "Some day science may have the existence of mankind in its power; and the human race will commit suicide by blowing up the world." Full Story

Iran's First Lady makes a rare public appearance
Iran Focus: London, Mar. 04 – Her husband’s name is instantly recognised around the world, but hardly any one beyond a close circle of friends and relatives has heard her name. She is Iran’s First Lady, Mrs. Ahmadinejad. Full Story with Pictures

This information is being reported on Sources-Iran Focus . They scroll the news downward as each day goes by, however at the bottom of the page you click the number to continue with headlines.

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