Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Night Line Up

78th Annual Academy Awards

Close to forty out of these 78 years, tonight would be a big event. From my family owning a small little black and white television in the 60’s to big flat screens now, it just isn’t what it use to be - snuggled up in the living room for Sunday night line-up. Several years ago, I stopped watching the boring (boasting) Academy Awards and their worshipping each other as idols. You know once you win an award you are instantly in their little club and the rest are shunned from the A-List. It gives Phony a new meaning!

This year is especially different, because the academy has nominated what they want to push politically and not only is it a disappointment to me but I feel most Americans are not interested either. If you watch, it will be a round up of entertainers - political wannabees wallowing in their own celebration in hopes that the world is watching and will be immediately transformed to their way of thinking.

Over the years, I always looked at the Best Picture as being truly ‘the best of the best’ and watched all the ones nominated and was usually pleased. Remember Ben-Hur, Forrest Gump, Titanic, Gone with the Wind, Terms of Endearment, etc. however now all that has changed. What we are looking at for nominations this year is merely ‘far left persuasions’ of their message and hoping you will swallow the bait, hook line and sinker. I do not plan to watch the red carpet parade of anti-Americanism and listen to the bashing of our proud country along with the other garbage that will accompany it.

I admit I use to enjoy the glamour, glitz, and which famous designer designed what dress, all the high-end brand names promoted by each celebrity, but now online all that is available without watching the strutting and the fake smiles for the camera. I will get my fill of it; believe me, on the news in a summary repeated one too many times for a few days following.

Are you planning to watch this star-studded event tonight? If it is tomorrow, what did you think if you did view the shining stars at the podium? Do you feel this is/or was a three hour political convention like for a nomination for president from a particular political party? Last minute messages for viewers to tune-in – “the political speeches will be toned down”. Hummm… Wow, wonder if the Academy finally got the news flash, viewer-ship is expected to be lower than ever. I think I will be able to find something to watch or do than be part of the ratings for tonight’s Academy Awards Plop. My prediction is tonight George Clooney will be the Star of the Show! I would say in Vegas the odds are in my favor.
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Iran and the Bomb — Sunday, 10pm / 1am ET
How far will Iran go to possess the ultimate weapon? FNC investigates whether the country's nuclear ambitions can be stopped — or is it already too late... David Asman hosts.
This is Reality and what I feel is important to understand. Tonight on Fox News Channel

Update: Tuesday 3-6-05 - Oscars: the second-lowest tally since 1987. Source


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