Friday, May 05, 2006

Patrick Kennedy Heads to Rehab

WHAT ABOUT DAD???? (Teddy Kennedy)
Patrick Kennedy will Enter Rehab for Addiction to Pain Medication

Patrick Kennedy was at a bar Wednesday night and early Thurs a.m. in D.C. called "Hawk and Dove". A waitress said "“He was drinking a little bit.” More Info And Pat cites pills in car wreck..... Just two weeks ago, Patrick was involved in another car accident. Now it is driving asleep as an excuse!!! Humm!! Who takes Ambien before being home in your jammies???

[Kennedy has denied being under the influence of alcohol during the incident and said he was taking prescriptions for nausea and sleeplessness, including the sleep-aid drug, Ambien.] An excerpt from Fox News-Here

It has been reported he has bipolar disorder and has been in rehab before.

Rules of immunity for Congress.....Hummm Who passed that law, that Congress is allowed to pass on basic field sobriety tests????? Humm makes you wonder if old Teddy pass that law. More to come......

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