Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Send a Monk-E-Mail

E-mail a chimp
CareerBuilder launched a micro-site Jan. 25, some 12 days before the big event. Called Monk-e-mail, the microsite lets consumers dress one of three chimpanzees in an office -- a boss, a co-worker or a receptionist -- and then choose a pre-recorded message before sending the monk-e-mail to a friend. Pre-recorded message include a kiss-off to a butt-kisser, or a song for the co-worker who wears too much cologne. Consumers can also record a message that is lip-synched by a chimp.
The e-mail caught on virally, attracting 230,000 unique visitors within a week, said Karen Seamen, general manager, Cramer-Krasselt, CareerBuilder's agency of record, which created the site.
Oddcast, a company that develops and markets avatars and user-generated media products, produced the technology for animating the chimps on the site. The pass-along rate was also impressive -- more than 50% of the people who received monk-e-mail sent it on to a friend. Source
My daughter and I sent a monk email and it was so funny!! Check it out. Click Here - Career Builder – Monk-E-Mail . Last night it was on my local news!! (smiling)

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