Tuesday, May 02, 2006

McDonald's Hires Sex Offenders & Molesters

A Tenn TV Station Investigates McDonald's Restaurants in Nashville and across country.

News Channel 5 Investigates-Full Story
Kids love to eat at McDonald's, and it's the first job for lots of teenagers. But a three-month NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered dozens of sex offenders working under the golden arches. Some of them are child molesters.

Another Excerpt: And the company boasts that Ronald's Play Places make it the world's largest operator of children's playgrounds.

"And it's a mecca, it's a magnet apparently for child molesters."

Customer Thomas Wesley says, "The last thing you expect is somebody who's a monster working behind the counter."

Another Excerpt: And the types of offenders we found -- child molesting, molestation of a juvenile, sexual abuse of a minor, rape -- surprised Jody Gorran, founder of the National Foundation to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and a leading proponent of background checks.

All parents must read this article, absolutely shocking!!!

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