Monday, May 01, 2006


'A Day Without Immigrants'
NEW YORK — Thousands of illegal immigrants and their allies across the country plan a show of force Monday to illustrate how much immigrants matter in the U.S. economy.
Some will skip work, others will protest at lunch breaks, school walkouts or at rallies after work. There are planned church services, candlelight vigils, picnics and human chains. Fox News Reports

Do you think that this MAY DAY Boycott/Walkout will backfire? With every protest I see, it only makes me want to go and start building a fence or volunteer to help the Minute Men.
Note: 280 workers used the same social security number......can you believe that? No one was arrested either!!!

Minutemen volunteers build fence to protest illegal immigration
BOULEVARD, Calif. (AP) -- As immigrants and their supporters prepare for a massive boycott on Monday, opponents of illegal immigration went to work building a border fence meant to symbolize their support for a secure border. Full Story

Today in Homestead, FL (south of Miami) we have our fair share of illegals taking up space in the streets and you can bet there are many criminals in the bunch.
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