Friday, April 28, 2006

IRAN: Thanks 'Blogs for Fox' - 'Gateway Pundit' & Others

Thanks Blogs for Fox for publishing Iran Sharing Nukes and Gateway Pundit linking this blog in his Suitcase Bombs post.

Below Wednesday April 26, 2006 Iran Sharing Nukes and Will use EMP .
I appreciate all the other bloggers that linked to this post too. Thank you.
Gateway Pundit post Suitcase Bombs
Palmetto Pundit-Something You Should Worry About
Leav World-Kucinich on Iran: Boots off the Ground or
Patty-Assorted Babble’s Post
Bujutsu Blogger-Thoughts on Iranian EMP Threat

If you get a chance, go over and visit these awesome bloggers!!! (smiling)

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