Thursday, April 27, 2006

Deputy U.S. Marshals Arresting Scum

Operation FALCON II - Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally - This massive fugitive dragnet took place the week of April 17-23, 2006 and covered the western half of the United States. As a prelude to National Crime Victim's Rights Week, this cooperative effort removed some of the country's most dangerous wanted criminals from the streets.

Deputy US marshals teamed up with their state, local, and federal colleagues in the largest fugitive sweep to ever primarily focus on violent sex offenders. FALCON II resulted in the arrest of 9,037 fugitives and the clearance of 10,419 warrants. Of those fugitives arrested, 462 were wanted for violent sex crimes, 311 for other sex crimes, and an additional 783 failed to register as Sex Offenders.

Teamwork ensured the success of this seven-day initiative. A total of 793 different agencies participated - 25 federal, 120 state, 330 county sheriffs, 312 police departments, and 6 foreign agencies. Within the Marshals Service, 46 districts participated, including the Districts of Guam and Northern Marianas.

In all, each day more than 2,100 law enforcement officers worked together tirelessly during this record setting operation. U.S. Marshals-Falcon2
This is National Crime Victim's Rights Week!!! Great Job!!! Tonight John Walsh, from America's Most Wanted will be on Bill O'Reilly-The Factor on Fox News Channel.
Among 9,037 Fugitives Apprehended in Nationwide Operation
More Than 1,100 Sex Offender Arrests By U.S. Marshals’
“The Justice Department is pursuing our Nation’s worst fugitives,” said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. “Operation FALCON again was successful at apprehending violent offenders, sexual predators, drug dealers, and gang members who had for too long escaped the grip of justice. With these criminals off the streets, fewer Americans will live with the threat of violent crime in their communities.”

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