Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Florida: Katherine Harris for Senate

It is time for a change!! U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) has been in Congress long enough (a Liberal against John Bolton and represents the left wing agenda)....Katherine Harris (R) may be the underdog, but do not count her out. Floridians need to get out and vote or call and request an absentee ballot, there should be no excuse for not voting in this mid-term election, actually early voting started yesterday in Florida....It is very easy just mark all the Republicans straight down the ballot. I spoke with the Supervisor of Elections' office yesterday and requested my absentee ballot. Each election, my family cast our votes and hand deliver them directly to the Fort Lauderdale Main Office of Dr. Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections in Broward County- south Florida.

Since the 2000 race, for one, I was going to be out of the country but I also did not trust in the voting machines, so voting absentee worked well for me ever since then. This has worked well for my family too, so now we can review, have plenty of time to research other issues on the ballot and know that our vote is in writing.

Bill Nelson has been running TV ads not identifying himself as a Democrat, wonder why that is? My thoughts are I would be embarrassed to represent such a liberal party that is weak on security, negative, with no solutions or ideas...People are disgusted with Congress, I believe Harris will listen to the people and respresent Florida proudly. Vote Republican. To read more about Katherine Harris and the issues, please click here.

Congresswoman Katherine Harris, the Republican candidate for United States Senate, addressed the people of Florida and laid out a compelling pro-growth, pro-family agenda to secure the borders, protect traditional values and fight for the economic well-being of Florida families and small businesses. Harris illuminated fundamental differences that demonstrate how out of touch Bill Nelson is with mainstream Florida on critical issues involving our security and the welfare of our seniors.[read more]

Today, President Bush is flying to Sarasota, FL to promote the economy at a campaign event.

The candidates are running in Florida's conservative 13th District, the seat held by GOP Rep. Katherine Harris who is vying for the Senate post currently held by Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

*UPDATE* The Florida Masochist linked with Loser
Bill and I disagree, but that is okay.....
We are all entitled to our own opinions, but my plans are to vote for every Republican on my ballot. I feel the same way Barry does at Blogs for Condi.
Excerpt from How I'll Be Voting This Year... I'll be voting for every Republican on the ballot this year.Why?Because the Democrats are far worse.There are not enough Democrats who are interested in protecting me or my fellow Americans.

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