Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Guessing Harry Reid thinks He is Above the Law

Back in May it was uncovered about free ring side boxing tickets, etc.......
Archives-May 30: Free Boxing Tickets for ring side!! Why not? You want a bill passed? It seems Senator Democratic LEADER Harry M. Reid did not mind being persuaded and/or influenced, no arm-twisting for Reid for free gifts. Between 2003 and 2005, Reid accepted FREE ringside tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission on three (3) different occasions for professional boxing matches. Reid was pressing legislation at the time; then defends the gifts and states that would not influence his position on the bill that may affect an important home state industry. Does “culture of corruption” ring a bell; perhaps that wasn’t the thought at ringside for Reid.[read more with links]
Now land deals, profits.....oh and the latest he used campaign money for Christmas bonuses. What a crook and a cheap skate!! Hummm, I am sure there will be more to shady money deals to come....Put it on out there!!! Don't forget either old Harry Reid and Kennedy were the two that kept blocking the Child Safety Act for two years.

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