Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ring Side for Reid

Free Boxing Tickets for ring side!! Why not? You want a bill passed? It seems Senator Democratic LEADER Harry M. Reid did not mind being persuaded and/or influenced, no arm-twisting for Reid for free gifts. Between 2003 and 2005, Reid accepted FREE ringside tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission on three (3) different occasions for professional boxing matches. Reid was pressing legislation at the time; then defends the gifts and states that would not influence his position on the bill that may affect an important home state industry. Does “culture of corruption” ring a bell; perhaps that wasn’t the thought at ringside for Reid.

"I'm not Goodie Two Shoes. I just feel these events are nothing I did wrong," Reid said.

Via Washington Post
Senate ethics rules generally allow lawmakers to accept gifts from federal, state or local governments, but specifically warn against taking such gifts -- particularly on multiple occasions -- when they might be connected to efforts to influence official actions.
"Senators and Senate staff should be wary of accepting any gift where it appears that the gift is motivated by a desire to reward, influence, or elicit favorable official action," the Senate ethics manual states.
"Repeatedly taking gifts which the Gifts Rule otherwise permits to be accepted may, nonetheless, reflect discredit upon the institution, and should be avoided," the manual states.

Several ethics experts said Reid should have paid for the tickets, which were close to the ring and worth between several hundred and several thousand dollars each, to avoid the appearance he was being influenced by gifts.

Humm, What round is this I am losing count? Know wonder Senators do not want their offices raided for corruption.

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