Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Supporting Our President

My family supports our President!! and proud of it.

Our President supports our Troops and has never waivered on The War on Terror.

If President Bush could run again for President I would vote for him.
Jeb Bush and Condi Rice would be the perfect team in O8!!
Lately, it has been discouraging reading certain blogs that have changed their opinion of our President based on one issue. I view it like a friendship, what happened to loyalty through thick and thin? If you disagree with a friend, spouse, or mate do you jump ship immediately and bash that person? I would say no!!
If one takes time-out to view all the positives that our President has done for our country it is overwhelming. As I have stated on several blogs, I can sleep at night knowing our President is on top of protecting our nation from terrorists. Instead of grumbling, I would suggest praying for our President, our brave soldiers, and our country. Be thankful we live in America and have a President that has faith in God.
If you wish to be listed as a supporter of our President with your post, let me know and I will add you to this one. I highly recommend you read The Anchoress' post if you haven't already. She wrote an awesome post that reflects exactly how I feel. Yesterday I posted on this and many times before about my support for our President. Below are a few blogs that I know of... that have responded with their feelings about our President in recent posts.
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