Thursday, May 25, 2006

An Alabama Star - The American Idol - Taylor

I am probably the only person in America that does not watch American Idol. Well, that is not completely true, once or twice during the seasons I have flipped there for a few minutes to see the new talent try out, but never watched the complete hour show. I have always said, for someone that does not watch the show, I know everything that goes on because they show clips daily it seems on Fox News during the season. (smiling) There is no way around NOT knowing if I want to know or not.

Last night, I was in the largest number of viewers to flip there for the last thirty minutes. My biggest surprise was that the show brought tears of happiness to my eyes immediately. When I first turned it on, they were handing a guy an award and it touched me in a way I can’t describe. Then at the end as everyone else knows naming Taylor Hicks the next American Idol was more than awesome. Being from AL… it made me proud. I am thrilled that I tuned in last night after all.

The Soul Patrol has a winner, and Alabama has its second American Idol.
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