Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Privileges for Congress Exposed

Please bare with me as I try to compose this as I see it, posted on Jefferson late Sun night. Okay this scumbag congressman William Jefferson DEMOCRAT-LA is caught on videotape (red handed) accepting a $100, 000 in $100 bills from an FBI informant and the conversations including him laughing about it were recorded as well. Later, the FBI found money stashed in Jefferson’s freezer, in one of his homes too. Then Jefferson denies any wrongdoing. Hello!! who does he think he is!? oh yeah a Democrat -above the law and a CONGRESSMAN! I hope Jefferson spares us from pulling out Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. This just blew the Democrat's plan to campaign for this fall's midterm elections against what they call a Republican "culture of corruption."

Nancy Pelosi does not seem to be bothered so much about this “culture of corruption” within her own party but is ‘up in arms’ over the FBI being allowed to go into Jefferson’s Capital Hill office. (a judge granted this search warrant after reviewing overwhelming evidence) According to some members of the House of Representatives, this search warrant was in violation of the Constitution. (The Constitutional principle of Separation of powers - the Speech and Debate clause of the Constitution.) I'm going pass on trying to explain this buried protection for Congress and their offices at the Capital.

Then ABC network is ticked off about ‘having egg on their liberal faces’ by Jefferson getting caught then in a retaliation ABC attacks House Speaker Dennis Hastert. I wish Hastert would have kept his mouth shut but no, now Congress is diverting the story around the constitution to protect all their butts. Now Hastert is threatening to sue ABC for not retracting their lies. ABC is guilty of trying to ruin Hastert's reputation with untrue stories, perhaps they are looking for viewers and it is worth it to them the consequences.

Apparently, there is a boat load of privileges granted to our Congress, and they are trickling out one by one. It seems they have created laws to protect themselves over 200 yrs and counting. With Cynthia McKinney, we learned that our members of Congress are allowed to bypass security at the Capital. Then Patrick Kennedy is granted a pass by saying he was on his way to vote in the wee hours of the morning, and was exempt from being tested or detained for driving under the influence. Heck, for being arrested as he should have been for breaking the law. This is only a dinghy of info compared to all the other privileges they receive, one is inside trading allowed to the members.

The latest development our President stepped in today between the power struggle going on with DOJ and House of Representatives and made a decision. He directed the DOJ to seal all materials recovered from Jefferson’s office for 45 days and no one will have access involved in the investigation. (perhaps for a cooling down time)

Congress' approval ratings are in the 20's. I do not feel that a capital office should be a vault for hiding information, the FBI was right on in my opinion. This guy is a crook, to be honest the majority of them are.

Some lawmakers have warned of a voter backlash against members of Congress "trying to protect their own" if party leaders keep escalating a constitutional dispute over the FBI's raid of Rep. William Jefferson's Capitol Hill office.
Not long after House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded on Wednesday the FBI return documents it took, White House aides were in talks with Hastert's staff about the possible transfer of the material, perhaps to the House ethics committee, according to several Republican officials.
Does the Speech and Debate Clause cover this? NO!!! This was designed to keep a President from stopping someone going to vote at the capital... that basically sums it up. Wonder why old Teddy is being so quiet? If the FBI can not investigation Congress who can?

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