Monday, October 16, 2006

Global Campaigning Chavez Bribes for Security Council Seat

Yeah, it can happen and not surprisingly either, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez may very well get himself on the U.N. Security Council. Since there are so many idiots, crooks and enemies in the U.N. already, this could very well be possible. If Chavez gets voted in, I swear that should be the icing on the cake for kicking their butts clear to kingdom come....out of the U.S. and it be finito!! FINISHED with that bunch all together!!

Chavez has been passing money and oil all around the globe as he is lobbying (bribes) nations that are in need of funds. He has been answering to his own people where accusations have been confronting, that it has been modest amounts to nations for aid that are suffering due to the U.S. Caribbean-airstrip, Africa-emergency food, Uruguay - hospital (upgrade and a state-of-the-art transplant unit), Jamaican -highways and then other Caribbean islands with aid Antiqua, Dominica....and the list continues. Latin America: Bolivia (his other big buddy), then in Guatemala, and more. It is a shame that this generousity comes with strings attached. Chavez has been working hard on this....surely you remember the summit during 9/11/06 in Cuba where he had a stage and big mouth there too. Out of the 192-member General Assembly, yesterday Venezuela and Guatemala said they believe they have the majority to get the two-thirds (votes) to win.

His latest stunt recently while having center stage at the U.N. calling our President the devil was the final straw and it should be for everyone, if not you should move there or out of this country one. Chavez wants power, recognition and he is loved up and aligned with rogue nations...not to mention a total lunatic. I hope ones are still boycotting Citgo family is and Florida is working on changing on our turnpikes to a different company due to Chavez's comments to the U.N.

Fox News has more on this.... Chavez Makes Power Play at U.N.
Venezuela's leftist chief spending petro-bucks to capture key Security Council seat in hopes of challenging U.S.

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Morning Coffee linked with Chavez trying to buy Security Council Seat

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