Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lite Blogging Ahead

Hi Friends and Readers,

This upcoming week I'm moving to my new home and unfortunately I will not be blogging much at all. Instead of going off on a rant (smiling), my new beautiful home is in a new area and after two weeks of calling and changing all the addresses,etc....I was informed that DSL is not available at this moment. As shocking as that may sound, new developments are experiencing these problems and the over population growth of these exclusive communities. It was definitely news to me as well as being stunned. There are homes in this community that are valued in the millions...still numb by this news. I thought everyone had DSL, like black top highways and no party lines. I would understand if ones may live in a rural area but in south FL, in our tri-countries that is not the case.

Effective tomorrow, my (telephones & computers) numbers will change and address....and all weekend the movers will be transferring all my belongings. I am not quite sure when all my configurations will be completed and if I will have to use dail-up for a short period of time. Needless to say, I am more than disturbed.....finally working so hard to get in the top 200 with the TTLB Blogsphere Ecostystem Truth Bear.....I will most likely fall behind and it is crucial at this time with elections to keep readership at its highest for us all, individually and linked. As we all know, if only, we can reach one person it makes our hard work and efforts worth it. Please friends....keep pounding the keyboards...and getting the word out....I promise I will be back joining you guys very soon God Willing. Expose the lying far lefties for what they and what they are not....for one weak on security and their liberal progressive agenda that does not include family values, God and/or the morals that this nation needs to move forward as a safe and wonderful blessed country.

With so much on my platter at this time and with postponed surgery to mid to late Oct....I will be blogging but most liking lite in this upcoming month. Feel free to email me at the yahoo address, I will be checking that one as often as possible.

For now, thank you friends for your friendship, comments, love and support.....I also need your prayers right now.....Take care....and don't rule me out....if any way possible, I will be back on schedule before you know it...please keep checking in. Meanwhile let us please keep our military soldiers, our President and the country in our prayers. We are WINNERS and will prevail against evil.

Your friend,
God Bless you all...

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