Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today's News is Tomorrow's History

My title is probably someone's quote, not sure, but that is the first thought that came to my mind. Today's news just slips away as quick as another day approaches and memories seem to fade with the next biggest breaking alert. Meanwhile, if not reported at the time of it happening, it becomes old news and many forget the importance of how you should not let it pass without another reminder.

Sorry for my absence from blogging.. the second half of this week. As mentioned in my previous post, disgusted and appalled are really putting it mildly of what I witnessed and listened to coming from the United Nations right here on our own soil. If you do not know by now that the majority of their members, of that useless organization, are not only NOT our friends, allies, or ones that will come to our aid nor support against dangerous and rogue nations or in assistance for protecting global security and humantarian needs, then you must be living in a cave or just plain stupid. The U.N.[nothing] with an exception of a handful, are a total waste of time; they are funded with (our)U.S. money, and are enemies of America- FACE IT. I feel everyone, no matter what political side you are on, should feel beyond outraged, and step up to the plate to throw these anti-American (haters)... leaders and diplomats out of here and not give them another PENNY-OUR MONEY. It appears at this point, if any talks are conducted it should be limited to countries that stand side by side with America, otherwise this wasted time may very well cost precious lives in our country and others in the very new future, such as Danfar, at this very moment, that is exactly the case. Does anyone remember how the U.N. has already been exposed as corrupt repeatedly, murderers, and rapists?

Right now TIME, is a ticking bomb and the longer hand-holding, cheek kissing, and hate-filled propaganda are allowed to continue and we participate in trying to please such countries or influence them to do the right is contributing to the growing evil forces for which they desire and anticipated for their growing movements to eliminate the infidels. The Stalling Continues....Mission Accomplished!!...With each minute that passes evil alignments are growing at alarming numbers.

Unfortunately in this (our) country, we have a minority that insist we talk until we are blue in the face with these enemies even to the point of being slapped in the face, humilated and itimidated, embarrassed throughout the world that this is allowed and we turn our cheek or close our ears for being ultimately insulted. The United Nations have shown now, without a doubt, that they are the lowest of the low, can not be trusted and totally insufficient that needs to be eliminated IMMEDIATELY. Forget the renovation bullcrap and continuing get-togethers as they spend more and more U.S. dollars. When you see clapping and standing ovations for is time to revaluate and make immediate changes.

President Bush's speech was excellent, to the point, forceful but very meaningful, full of compassionate for people of other nations and showed total respect for addressing the General Assembly. He conducted himself as a first class leader of the free world. I am proud of our President and to be an American.

France- Jacques Chirac - A wimp, back-stabber, trader, but no surprise to us or the world. I still boycott their products and will continue. France and Spain has already collapsed to the Muslim radicals and forget trying to change the souls that have already been sold to Islamic fascists. Their business deals with Iran will continue with or without sanctions, France has motives and count them out like always for any help.

Iranian's President Ahmadinejad - Remember the Song - Smooth Operator? Take Note: A wolf in sheep's clothing BEWARE!! Ahmadinejad is working wonders with lies and twisted answers with propaganda while gathering his empire of nations to bring down America and Israel....he has lectured and convinced leaders this can be possible. As I write this, he is being successful at masterfully having the majority of nations take sides, unfortunately for us, they are aligning with Iran. (Don't be mislead Russia-Putin is the silent leader behind Ahmadinejad) Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad is spreading the cancer of Islam radicalism and is oppressing his people hanging ones daily in the town square for minor offences. In my opinion, it would not surprise me if Venezuela Chavez's outragous speech at the U.N. was a diversion, planned in Cuba or prior to, to take away the spotlight from Ahmadinejad and his ambitious missions which he accomplished while in OUR COUNTRY. As he spoke to international nations and far left liberals, he came across as a saint versus the evil and imminent danger that he is.

Okay...Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez....take your Cindy Sheehan and Danny Glover and shove them where the sun does not shine. Chavez comes into our country and rants like a narcissistic sociopath that he is, finally after being ignore as insignificant...he takes the world stage as a raving madman calling our President a Devil and putting down our country. He later used very poor people to sell their soul for food or heating oil to further division in our country. Has people forgotten recently the armed weapons deal between Russia-Putin and Venezuela Chavez selling him F-16s and other American weapons? China's oil deal with Cuba to drill in the Gulf of Mexico? So when thinking of who is for us or against us.....let us remember yesterday's news and not make it history with it being forgot.

I will NEVER buy CITGO gas or any other product from Venezuela and I encourage fellow Americans to join in this boycott against accepting or purchasing anything from Chavez. I would rather pay double than put a penny in the government of Venezuela's pocket, in addition his own people are not benefiting from the country they live in..... from their oil rich nation. This man wanted attention and Chavez finally got it, but in all essense he is nothing more than an annoying nat that flies around your face.....He is a nobody but is determined to take the stage with recognition of a dangerous world leader.....just how far will he take this other than what he spewed for the world to hear?

Not our Friends - Russia, China, France, Germany in question and the enemy list grows by the moment (they are bowing and embracing Islam) you really believe any sanctions will come....what a stupid question I ask.

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