Friday, October 13, 2006

The Mark Foley Scandal and the Libs Milking the Story

I can not get back on track until this story is addressed and my opinions are expressed.

Mark Foley: Like everyone, I was more than shocked, disappointed and his actions are despicable beyond comprehension. Of course, we are all thankful he is now gone and will be held accountable legally to the utmost degree from a full investigation revealing the facts... hopefully in the near future. As nauseated as I am... of this pedo, along with any damages he may have caused to any children, as most of you know.... I don't care what political affiliation you are, if you are guilty of being a sex offender....Lock them up for good and get them off the streets...PERIOD!

However, I am sick of the Libs and the MSM milking this story as if this is all they have to report on and being misleading that the democrats are innocent of not being guilty in the past for this same thing. Do your research...they are not squeaky clean either!! Come on....give me a break. God knows, the American people are sick of Congress.. both parties...and their ratings are in the 20s. In my opinion, there are only a handful that are really working hard for the people and not being influenced by their own political ambitions. Mark Foley is not the WHOLE REPUBLICAN PARTY nor represent our morals and family values as citizens that belong to the side that is right. He is and was a fraud as many others elected in office are (not caught yet) and will be exposed as others will be in the future for one crime or another. Thank goodness for bloggers.....this past year several others have been revealed as corrupt and crooks. Should I start with a list right off the top of my head?

Don't forget it was the Libs that voted against the Child Safety Act/Adam Walsh Bill for two years, holding it back with Kennedy and Reid, leading the pack. The same night that Pat Kennedy had his drunken/drug incident, and O'Reily exposing when old Teddy finally voted yes on this extremely important bill protecting children. Let us not forget either, that a huge majority of liberal judges are the ones... that slap sex offenders/predators on the wrist with little jail time, probation or a wave good-bye in our court systems. Don't get me wrong....I feel Mark Foley deserves the harshest sentence for whatever he is found guilty of....but move forward....and get over this. Mark Foley was a democrat prior to 1990 but after losing he changed parties and ran for the state house and won.

Foley is gone now...a news flash for ones that have not rec'd that memo.....Our country has serious issues that are facing NUKES...TERRORISM.....ETC. Don't you think we need to unite and move forward to solutions and stand side by side??

Note: For the short time without my satellite.....the Liberal MSM sucks!! No wonder so many people are misinformed if they are only watching local stations.....or any news at all.

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