Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kim Jong IL Determined to Continue to Test Nukes

This Madman, Kim Jong Il is determined and does not seem to care much about any sanctions. Who would...... coming from the U.N.? You can bet your bottom dollar, Iran is watching and assisting. Get ready, it will not be long until... we see Iran-Ahmadinejah doing the same thing.

Via Breitbart- Kyodo News: LEAD: S. Korea aware of signs N. Korea may be preparing 2nd nuke test+
South Korea is "aware" of fresh signs that North Korea may be preparing for a second nuclear weapon test and has strengthened its intelligence-sharing with the United States, Yonhap News quoted a government official as saying Tuesday.

The unidentified official, in the wake of media reports U.S. spy satellites have detected suspicious activity at North Korean sites that could be preparations for another test, said, "We are preparing for uncertainties but are very cautious in analyzing North Korea- related intelligence."
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