Monday, October 23, 2006

CNN Embedded Reporters Must Be Removed

How Low can Low get? This despicable stunt for ratings or whatever reason CNN aired the killing of one of our brave soldiers is unforgivable and they should not get away with this under no circumstances. I say throw the whole bunch out right away....CNN will stoop to any level and they proved that with this. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of our brave soldier that was seen around the world murdered. This makes me sick!!

Pentagon Urged To Remove Embedded CNN Reporters
SAN DIEGO -- Some members of Congress are asking the Pentagon to remove CNN reporters embedded with U.S. combat troops.
The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and two Republican colleagues are denouncing the network's broadcast of a video showing insurgent snipers targeting U.S. soldiers. They said it's tantamount to airing an enemy propaganda film.
The tape came to the network through contact with an insurgent leader. It aired Wednesday on the program "Anderson Cooper 360" and was repeated Thursday.
In the letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, committee chairman Duncan Hunter writes that "CNN has now served as the publicist for an enemy propaganda film featuring the killing of an American soldier."
CNN producer David Doss wrote in a Web log Thursday that the network televised the footage in an effort to present the "unvarnished truth" about the Iraq war.

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