Friday, October 20, 2006

Now Kim Jong IL Expressing Regret for Nuke Test

What is UP with this latest stunt? "I'm Sorry" Wondering what the deal is with Kim Jong IL?....perhaps China is applying a little more arm twisting or a tougher crackdown than we expected... on N.Korea with Condi Rice in the region.....Maybe it has to do with the Oil China supplies and/or the luxury goods that are in the midst of a halt. Who the heck knows...but no compassion here for this unpredictable "say one thing and turn around and do another" proven schizophrenic leader of North Korea. I don't believe or trust anything that comes out of Kim Jong Il's mouth.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il expressed regret about his country's nuclear test to a Chinese delegation and said Pyongyang would return to international nuclear talks if Washington backs off a campaign to financially isolate the country, a South Korean newspaper reported Friday.

"If the U.S. makes a concession to some degree, we will also make a concession to some degree, whether it be bilateral talks or six-party talks," Kim was quoted as telling a Chinese envoy, the mass-circulation Chosun Ilbo reported, citing a diplomatic source in China.

Kim told the Chinese delegation that "he is sorry about the nuclear test," the newspaper reported.

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