Friday, October 20, 2006

The Democrat Left and the Elections

Flip over and read Mark Noonan's two posts at Blogs for Bush....and get a smile.
Want a Democratic House? and The Paranoid Left.....

I am feeling pretty positive myself....I'm Rove-ing....(smiling) People just need to know the fact-based true issues that the left represent....that sums it up very well of what the left is all about. Time to take it up a notch....I do not believe the people truly want a San Fran form of government minus God with family and moral values. I'm with the President!!

Feeling Confident here..... that the people are smarter than what 'designed' poll questions are asking, why not ask what the people truly want or do not want. People want change and are fed up with Congress, (perfect time for term limits-all time low 16% rating) but they do not want a bunch of lefties/moonbats running our country....I assure you.

Even though the Patriot Act passed (Harry Reid-D bragged he voted against it) and other crucial bills that allow our country to use the tools needed to protect us....just look at the voting record of Democrats.....The majority of them voted against these ultimate necessary laws. That alone, will give you a clue on how the Libs plan on protecting us from terrorists. (taking a break here for a laugh which seriously is not funny in all sincerity) This is only one major issue (protecting our country) that the Libs are against and are clueless on.. with no solutions, btw....The list of their disgusting issues are.... longer than a criminal with a rap sheet six feet long.

I could probably keep going but after a few glasses of wine and it is Friday night....I will continue this with more to come in the near future. There are tons of issues to cover that are despicable that the Left proudly represent.....This post could go on and on.....Meanwhile, have a great weekend and keep pounding your keyboards....cause moonbats are not going to mention what their party is, has become and what they truly believe in.

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