Monday, October 23, 2006

Early Voting Starts Today in Florida

Republican Clay Shaw and Democrat Ron Klein is too close to call!! Dead Heat!! According to the Sun-Sentinel Poll, the winner will be made by undecided voters.

From what I am reading and listening to.... on which party is ahead in Florida on different races, it appears there will be no early victory parties until after the elections....most races are very close. I do not believe the people are as stupid as many of the Libs think they are to be persuaded by the Foley scandal to jump party lines or by staying at home. Actually just the opposite, I feel Republicans are more energized to go to the polls....just the idea of Libs having a majority is motivation enough...not to mention all the other nightmare scenarios to follow if that would be the case. I'm feeling very optimistic.

Charlie Crist for Governor is way ahead.....over Democrat Jim Davis. Davis might as well hang it up!

The Florida Masochist posted Florida 22nd poll.

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