Saturday, June 24, 2006

World News Happening and Open Trackback Sat.

Wow, what a week!! It is amazing how each day something new takes the focus... but every day we have very important issues going on; not always am I able to follow-up but that does not mean that it leaves my thoughts.

We had two soldiers taken captive, then tortured and murdered by the worst of the worst, our enemy, that wishes to kill us all and they need to be sought out to the ends of this earth to make them pay by death in my opinion, no trial necessary. For ones that are not aware, we are winning the War on Terror. I highly, and repeat highly and encourage all to read Beth’s post at Blue Star Chronicles and if possible let her know you have been there. Our troops and their families should be in our prayers and thoughts every day along with supporting our President and praying for him and our country. I just do not get it, with ones that are un-American and feel sympathy for our enemies. Our Senators can be added to that list, that believe in cut and run, but hopefully by the embarrassment to the Lefties voting against pulling out of Iraq with a time table will shut a few up for a day or so. Let me remind them that WMD was discovered in Iraq and Saddam had connections to Al-Qaeda. If you listen to the MSM and read certain newspapers such as the N.Y. Times, you would think they were financed by the terrorists or just so full of hate that they want to jeopardize our national security with leaking sensitive info and only reporting to people anything for bashing our president. The times need to change and plug the leaks, they have gone too far.

When our President called certain countries the “Axis of Evil,” he knew exactly what he was talking about. This week North Korea desires to test their ballistic missile and point it in the direction of America with threats attached. Iran is stalling continuously for time, to finish their final stage if they have not already and at the same time gathering allies. Islam Gone Wild! Radical Islamic jihadists, in other words terrorists are global and homegrown.

This week, with so much breaking news, I wrote a piece on President Bush and my thoughts on us not having a terror attack on our soil for almost five years now. (it sorta got buried in news alerts) It is a reminder of how hard our government is working to prevent such an attack on the American People. A new book revealed OBL’s plans for releasing deadly gasses into N.Y. subways and we learned that our FBI was on top of preventing homegrown terrorists right here in south Florida from carrying out something they claimed would be worse than 9/11. I say, GREAT JOB to our F.B.I., Homeland Security, state and local law officals for putting their life on the line too, right here on the homeland for doing what they can against this form of movement with terror cells right here at home. Ever since our U.S. Atty. General Alberto Gonzales took his position, he has been kicking butt and taking names. He is determined too, to arrest every sex predator out there...I just love this man. I sure hope he will be able to prosecute Rep. William Jefferson (D-La) and use the docs seized in the raid at the Capital.

On a lighter note, check out Cindy Sheehan travels to Vienna and Canada, how pathetic and our unpatriotic Dixie Chicks. There are many humorous links listed on the post “Speaking of Air Strikes.” A Big Congratulations to our Miami Heat for winning the NBA Finals, they are for the first time World Champions. I WANT TO STILL CELEBRATE THAT .... Al-Zarqawi is DEAD and GONE.

I am going to be in and out today, but for every trackback it will be listed. For links to OTA and OTPB blogrolls, please press their icon or title in sidebar and the roll will drop-down. More to come....

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Stop the ACLU has all the latest on why we should STOP THE ACLU.

I regret that recently it has been difficult for me to visit as I have always done on a regular basis with making comments on my closest friend’s posts. Please accept my sincere apology. So I am going to list several here that you should really check out. I’m guilty of reading most of them but not putting my two cents in, that might be a good thing though. (lol)

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ABFreedom in Canada this week has several posts.

My friend Barry at Palmetto Pundit has another friend of ours.... Mike's America as a guest blogger that will be writing posts this week while he is on vacation.

MD Conservative at Conservative Intelligence Report is always outstanding and I just love when he puts my trolls in their place. I know some of you are not listed but each week, I will try to focus harder on getting around...and saying hello.

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