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Neighboring Miami Terrorists Arrested Right Here

Right here in my backyard basically, in Miami, here in south Florida, more Islamic terrorists, homegrown or not, seven arrested in a raid. We had several of the 9/11 hijackers residing and training here including the Al-Qaeda’s ringleader Mohamed Atta. The plans were to plot an attack on Chicago's Sears Tower, Miami's FBI office, and other buildings in the U.S. I understand there might be up to 40 people involved, where are the other 33? Later today news conferences are planned. When this broke, I was too exhausted to get the story out, but this morning I will edit and update.

I am so thankful to our FBI and this should remind us all how hard they are working to protect the U.S. Yesterday these seven were indicted in Miami and Fox News have obtained a copy of the indictments. This is very serious. Five of these seven are Americans...chilling!

Via AP -MIAMI (AP) - Inside a city warehouse, authorities believe, a group was hatching the early stages of a widespread terror plot - one that targeted Chicago's Sears Tower, an FBI office in Miami and other U.S. buildings.
On Thursday, authorities swarmed the warehouse in Miami's Liberty City area, removed a metal door with a blowtorch and arrested seven people, a federal law enforcement official said. Authorities in Washington and Miami were expected to release more details in separate news conferences Friday morning.

Neighbors who lived nearby said young men, who appeared to be in their teens and 20s, slept in the warehouse, running what looked like a militaristic group. They appeared brainwashed, some said.

"They would come out late at night and exercise," said Tashawn Rose, 29. "It seemed like a military boot camp that they were working on there. They would come out and stand guard." [read more]

Don't count on our local Liberal news stations for info, because they are not all over this, however Brian Andrews reported yesterday with CBS4. Other local networks: ABC Local 10 is updating today. Miami's Liberty City is a place you do not want to accidently make a wrong turn and go there. Other than our local Fox Network- WSVN-TV, we have NBC6 .

The Miami Herald excerpt from today - Five of those arrested are U.S. citizens, one is a resident alien and one is an illegal immigrant, a law enforcement source told The Miami Herald on condition of anonymity. (My insert-Haitian national)
Federal agents, assisted by Miami police's SWAT team, swarmed in Thursday afternoon, cordoning off several blocks around the building at 6260 NW 15th Ave., in the Liberty Square housing project, known by locals as Pork-n-Beans.

Our other newspaper South Florida Sun-Sentinel have local videos and pictures available, and here is the latest article.
AP Reports and Via CNN - Miami Raids
Fox News is reporting on this story as it is developing.

Breaking News: Feds Charge Terror Suspects Conspired With Al Qaeda

News Conferences:
10:30 a.m - Washington D.C. -U.S. Atty General Alberto Gonzales and other top-official Bush Administration officials scheduled to update us on this investigation.
11:30 a.m - Miami, FL

Fox News posted the (pdf) indictment - click here.

*UPDATE* News Conference Soon to begin and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow afterwards accepting questions.

*UPDATE* Via Fox News: (excerpt)

"They were persons who, for whatever reasons, came to view their home country as the enemy. It's a problem we face here in the Untied States, as well," Gonzales said.

The defendants are identified as: Narseal Batiste, also known as "Brother Naz" and "Prince Manna;" Rotschild Augustine, or "Brother Rot"; Patrick Abraham, or "Brother Pat"; Stanley Grant Phanor, or "Brother Sunni"; Naudimar Herrera or "Brother Naudy"; Lyglenson Lemorin, also known as "Brother Levi" or Brother Levi-El"; and Rotschild Augustine, or "Brother Rot."

According to the indictment, Batiste, beginning in November 2005, recruited and trained the others "for a mission to wage war against the United States government," including a plot to destroy the Sears Tower.

To obtain money and support for their mission, the conspirators sought help from Al Qaeda, pledged an oath to the terrorist organization and supported an Al Qaeda plot to destroy FBI buildings, the four-count indictment charged. That included taking photographs of the FBI building in North Miami Beach, Fla., as well as video and photographs of other federal buildings in Miami-Dade County.

Batiste met several times in December 2005 with a person purporting to be an Al Qaeda member and asked for boots, uniforms, machine guns, radios, vehicles and $50,000 in cash to help him build an "'Islamic Army' to wage jihad'," the indictment said. It said that Batiste said he would use his "soldiers" to destroy the Sears Tower.

In February 2006, it said, Batiste told the "Al Qaeda representative" that he and his five soldiers wanted to attend Al Qaeda training and planned a "full ground war" against the United States in order to "kill all the devils we can." His mission would "be just as good or greater than 9/11," the indictment accused Batiste of boasting.

Note: Loved it when Tony Snow scolded Helen Thomas again!!!

You can't help but think about what our Atty General said about these terror suspects being Americans and hating the U.S. Humm, it makes me think of some radical liberals out there that feel that hate too. We are going to have to recognize and face more of these types of "home-grown terrorist" in the future unfortunately. It makes you wonder about our young people and what is being shoved down their throats and being brainwashed with in our schools and papers like the N.Y. Times; we can sum it up with the MSM.

We saw yesterday on the Senate floor, how much Dems care about our national security, but we already know that time and time them down play this. I heard a ridiculous debate earlier on Fox News about ones not taking this serious and the N.Y. Times placed this story on page A22 I believe....not on the front page.

Liberty City is a bad area as mentioned above, this is a map where the warehouse is located.

Fox News excerpt: Residents living near the warehouse said the men taken into custody described themselves as Muslims and had tried to recruit young people to join their group. Tashawn Rose, 29, said they tried to recruit her younger brother and nephew for a karate class.
She said she talked to one of the men about a month ago. "They seemed brainwashed," she said. "They said they had given their lives to Allah."

*UPDATE* One Suspect was arrested Thursday in Atlanta and today Terror Suspects appear in Court .

Right Truth linked with Dhimmitude from the press on 7 Miami terrorists
"The press doesn't seem to understand that we are trying to PREVENT terror acts here in the USA. They seem disappointed that the 7 arrested yesterday in Miami had not actually COMMITTED any acts of terror."

Dumb Ox linked with Miami Jihad! Sign of Things to Come?
Fanatical Islam Insane? Islam and Communism/Liberalism are two sides of the same anti-human, irrational, destructive coin... news and updates through the weekend...

Isn't that the truth with Islam and Communism!!

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