Tuesday, June 20, 2006

U.S. Central Command and Dept of Defense

These are websites that everyone that keeps up with the latest going on, needs to add to their sidebar. It offers the Latest News, Press Releases, Photos, Video, Audio, Coalition, Links, etc.

U.S. Central Command -Centom's Home Page
Current Press Releases - Daily
U.S. Department of Defense - DOD Home Page
Current Press Releases - Daily

I am waiting now for Maj. General William Caldwell's press release. The earlier news conference about a half hour ago, Caldwell revealed a ton of news involving of captures and taking out one of the top five Al-Qaeda members in Iraq.

This photo was taken today (6-20-06) Picture caption:U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Jon B. Woods, a medical officer, examines an Afghan girl's loose tooth during a village medical outreach in Andarh village, Daychopan district, Afghanistan. (Photo by Sgt. Andre Reynolds, U.S. Army.)

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed 15 terrorists and detained three other suspects during simultaneous raids north of Baqubah June 20.

CNSNEWS Excerpt: A U.S. military spokesman on Tuesday said in the course of searching for Menchaca and Tucker, one coalition force member was killed and 12 others wounded. But he said the search also resulted in the deaths of several foreign fighters and the detention of 78 suspected insurgents. "The key is that we did receive 66 intelligence tips," Army Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said at a press briefing Tuesday. Caldwell said 18 of those tips were rated as "actionable." He also said coalition forces took out another senior member of the al Qaeda network in the same area where the two American soldiers disappeared.

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