Saturday, June 17, 2006

Assorted Saturday and Open Trackback Day

Our Rottie - CiaoBella in our pool a few years ago! She is over a 100 lbs now and so sweet.
This is our Hurricane Stray Poodle from last year Pepé and he rules the roost. To be honest, he would bite your leg off if you look at him wrong, but seriously he has a split personality.

This is my first day at Open Trackbacks, so please bare with me on how this all works. (smiling) I hear it is a FREE for ALL....Go for it!!! For other bloggers that can not trackback and want to post comments, tell me if you have pets and if so what kinds and their names. Would love to hear about it. You can do both if you wish trackback your best post and comment.

Friends, Fellow Bloggers and Readers post a trackback from one of your best posts i.e. favorite, recent, or whatever. Below you can also read what others are saying and enjoy their post. For each trackback I will publish your blog name w/ link and title at the bottom.

A Special thanks to Leaning Straight Up for more instructions on how to trackback and join in on the fun.

Excerpt from Karl - For an explanation of a trackback, go here or here.
If your blog does not support Trackbacks (blogger is still in the dark ages in this regard), check out Haloscan, which I used to use on my old blogGER site, or you may ALSO JUST use The Wizbang Standalone Pinger to do so.
Others with Open Trackbacks this weekend are: Leaning Straight Up , Blue Star Chronicles, Woman Honor Thyself, Stop the ACLU, Stuck on Stupid, Big Dog's Weblog, Right Wing Nation, Wizbang, Adam's Blog,

Check out:
A Tic in the Mind's Eye
The Dumb Ox ..Note-A must read-hilarious - Pelosi Promises a "New Erection for America"!
Point Five Blog
The Florida Masochist
For more on who is open for the free for all, please check out my sidebar under Open Trackback Provider Blogroll.

Wishing all you Fathers..... a "Happy Father's Day"!!

Tel-Chai Nation linked Mayhem in Oaxaca, Mexico
Mark My Words linked Father's Day
Noblesse Oblige linked Democratic Strategy Underwhelmingly Embarrassing
Woman Honor Thyself linked Winne the Pooh dumped
The Florida Masochist linked The Knucklehead of the Day award
Blue Star Chronicles linked Carnival of Blue Stars #14
Big Dog's Weblog linked Dixie Twit Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut
Whither the Fool? linked Father's Day Follies
Mark My Word linked G-d vs Free will - Cage match! v.2
Echo9er linked Stickey: 2,996
Mike's America linked Why U.S. Leadership? Secretary Rice Gives the Answer
Rhymes With Right linked USS Lagarto: American Heroes Found
The Chatterbox Chronicles linked The Good News Just Keeps on Coming!!
The Florida Masochist linked First nurses, now teachers too
Blue Star Chronicles linked Marine May Call Murtha as Witness
Webloggin linked It Is All About Perspective - It Is Beginning of the End of Al Qaeda in Iraq
Right Truth linked One Social Security Number, 81 Illegal Immigrants

A BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that Commented and TrackedBacked!! Keep them coming for the weekend if you wish.

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