Sunday, May 14, 2006

AQ Khan, Syria, Iran are all linked

(picture of AQ Khan on right)

Gateway Pundit is reporting on an article from Hindustan Times

Khan supplied N-tech to Syria
In a new dimension to AQ Khan's nuclear 'Wal-mart' saga, a US intelligence report to Congress talks of the network's suspected transfer of nuclear weapons technology to Syria as well.
This is the first time the Bush administration has publicly linked the Khan network's supply chain to Syria, the Washington Times reported on Saturday. So far, the covert network had been found complicit in nuclear supplies to Libya, Iran and North Korea.

I reported on Iran's President meeting with Syria back in Jan 06.. here and here.

Excerpt from Moscow News on Jan. 18, 2006
"Russia will offer more advanced weapons to Iran, including systems like the S-300, which we supplied to Syria. Iran, of course, is a different kind of country. It is rich, and if Russia wants to, it has ways of persuading Tehran."

On Feb. 27, 2006, I posted on AQ Khan and have mentioned him in several other posts to present.
Except from 2/27/06: This revealed the confession by Abdul Qadeer Khan (pictured above) sold nuclear technology and confirmed one of America’s worst fears. The story continues 27 yr. old Khan eleven page confession that “he had provided the secrets to other Muslim countries….so they could become nuclear powers and strengthen the Islamic world.

Sat May 13th Iran Focus reports Iran gave al-Qaeda in Iraq SAM-7 missiles – report and U.N. finds new uranium traces in Iran. In this article it states "It is the second such discovery in three years of United Nations inspections in Iran."

Recently in the post "Leading to Showdown with Iran" there is information on other scientists that worked for Dr. A.Q. Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who is now under house arrest in Pakistan.....

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